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M&C Power Washing provides professional exterior house washing in Greene County and surrounding areas
"What a wonderful company to have found! The process and service were seamless from start to finish. Our house, roof and camper are sparkling! Definitely a company that goes above and beyond to provide a quality service. Can't wait to have you back and to recommend you to others!"
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Has your home exterior seen better days? Are you tired of pulling up into the driveway to see that green stuff on your home exterior, but don’t have the time, equipment or the experience to remove it?

At M&C Power Washing, that is what we are here to help you with. Our family-run team is certified through Powerline Industries, meaning that we are trained to provide safe and professional cleaning services to your property.

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Soft washing home in Hunter, NY

Exterior House Washing

You might notice that your home has got some dirt or green stuff on the siding. This tends to be mold, algae and bacteria that are eating away at your home siding. It would be easy to borrow a neighbor’s pressure washer and try to remove these stains, except this could cause more damage than good. If you do not have the experience and understanding of how to effectively and safely clean your home siding, you can damage it.

At M&C Power Washing, our experienced team utilizes the soft washing technique to safely clean your home exterior. We combine this technique with a 100% biodegradable cleaning solution so that any dirt, grime, mold and mildew will be completely washed away!

Before and after roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Your roof plays a primary role in protecting your home. It’s essential that it is well-maintained — and cleaning is a big part of that. Like your home, it must be cleaned safely to ensure no damage. We effectively clean your roof using the soft washing method. This will remove any mold, mildew and bacteria while protecting your roof.

Clogged gutter

Gutter Cleaning

Your gutters get clogged with leaves and other debris over the course of the year. But did you know that clogged gutters can cause foundational damage to your home? This is because water from rainfall is not able to flow freely through your gutters and downspouts if they are clogged. M&C Power Washing will clean your gutters completely free from leaves and debris, allowing them to continue performing their job for you — and saving you from any costly damage!

Solar panels on roof

Solar Panel Cleaning

Let us help you protect your investment! We use pure water to clean your solar panels. This eliminates the chance of causing any damage with chemicals. Cleaning Solar Panels regularly allows the panels to work at their full potential. Dirty panels produce less energy than clean panels. We can also offer solar panel cleaning maintenance schedules at a discounted rate.

Water-fed window cleaning

Exterior Window Cleaning

Let's make your windows spot-free and sparkling! At M&C Power Washing, we use a state-of-the-art pure water system to clean your windows to ensure a spot-free finish. This window cleaning technology allows us to be able to clean your windows without risking any safety getting up on ladders. If you are looking for regularly scheduled window cleaning, we also offer maintenance schedules at a discounted rate.

Concrete cleaning in Hunter, NY

Concrete & Masonry Cleaning & Sealing

Stains on your concrete and masonry surfaces don’t have to stay there forever! With our power washing services, we will leave them looking like-new for you.

We also provide concrete sealing services to help prevent water damage and keep water out of your concrete. We can pair both services together so you can really see a boost in your curb appeal!

Christmas light installation in Hunter, NY

Christmas Light Installation

Hanging the Christmas lights can feel like a stressful experience at times. At M&C Power Washing, we would like to eliminate this experience for you. Our team of professional Christmas lights installers will help you design your new holiday lighting and then handle all installation, maintenance, and removal. If there are any issues with your lights, we promise to resolve them within 24 hours, so you experience minimum downtown and see the maximum sparkle!

"Wouldn’t even consider calling anybody else. Professional. On time. Honest. Fair pricing. Good people. Couldn’t have asked for a smoother transaction with these folks!"
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